10 Interesting Facts about Diamonds

10 Interesting Facts about Diamonds

10 Interesting Facts about Diamonds


A diamond is the only gemstone that is made of just one element - carbon.


Diamonds were first mined in India over 2,800 years ago.


80% of the world's diamonds are not suitable for jewelry and are used for industrial purposes.


From the ones used for jewelry, almost 80% of them are sold in New York City alone!


Without doubt, America is the world's largest diamond market.


The largest diamond ever found is the Cullinan, weighing 3,106 carats.


It is estimated that only 500 tons of diamonds have been mined in recorded history to date.


Carbonado diamonds are a type of diamond found in South America and Africa that are believed to have landed on Earth via an asteroid 3 billion years ago!


Diamonds are the hardest known substance, but they can also be fractured in one blow! However, only experts know internal structures well enough to actually make this happen, so don’t worry.


The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas is the eighth largest known diamond-bearing volcanic crater. That’s not all, it's one place where you can literally dig for your own diamonds and have them for keeps!


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