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Art of Finding the Perfect Ring

The Art of Finding the Perfect Ring

You've got that feeling in your heart. That sparkle of love. It's that time. Maybe you and the love of your life have talked about it or you are going to completely surprise her. You want to find the perfect diamond ring that will symbolize your love. One that takes her breath away. But what does that perfect diamond ring look like? If you already have a basic idea of what her ring will look like, that's great, and we can help you find it. But, if you are like most guys, and you don't know exactly what she wants then you are going to have to be like Sherlock Holmes. You are going to have to do some investigating.


Here are some tips to become a ring investigator: 


  • Ask her friends and family about what shape diamond and diamond ring styles she has expressed interest in. 
  • Take a look at what type of jewelry does she wear. Is it yellow or white gold? 
  • What is her style? Does she dress more formal or does she dress more casual?Ask her friends to do some snooping for you. 
  • Find out the styles and shapes she likes. 
  • Look for clues. She might know what you might be thinking. She might be leaving you some hints.
  • Listen to her comments. She might be dropping you secret hints.



The Best Way 

The best way is to just come into our store. We make it easy with over 2,000 rings out in open showcases where you and she can browse. She can just reach in and try them on. Pay attention to her body language to see which styles she is gravitating to. 


Remember- Where You Buy Your Diamond Ring Is Important 


So what are some of the most important things you need to look for when purchasing a ring?


  1. Find a jewelry store that has plenty of choices. 
  2. You always need to see your diamond loose before you buy it and you need to see your diamond next to other diamonds for comparisons. The real beauty of a diamond lies in its fire and brilliance and these attributes simply cannot be evaluated on a computer screen.
  3. Always make sure that her ring is built specifically for her. Some store will have rings in their cases for years and hundreds of people have tried them before they finally sell them. 
  4. Make sure that the ring is as special as her and only she has worn it before.Some stores tell you that you need to spend more to get a bigger diamond. 
  5. You need a store that can help you maximize your money and get a bigger and better diamond than you thought possible.Make sure you are dealing with experts on diamonds who have advance Gemological Institute of America training.
  6. Make sure you don't pay too much for your diamond.
  7. Make sure the jewelry store you choose has an extensive warranty for everything they sell.   
She is Special... It's About HerShe is the love of your life. There is no one like her. Make her ring as special as her. At Everett Jewelry you can choose from over 2,000 different rings. You are bound to find one that is the perfect ring that symbolizes your love for her.Buying an engagement ring should be easy and pain free, we have the choices and the expertise the make as pain free as possible. Come into our store and see for yourself. 


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