About Us Everett Jewelry Shreveport
About Us Everett Jewelry Shreveport

About Us

At Everett Jewelry, we celebrate love and life with exquisite designer brands and custom creations, ensuring every moment shines with elegance and joy.

The Story of Everett's

At just nine years old, Todd Everett, now the owner of Everett Jewelry, started his first business—a lawn service. He cleverly asked for a lawnmower for Christmas instead of toys, which helped him get started. His dad taught him valuable lessons about doing quality work, charging fair prices, and earning good recommendations, which made his business successful. Later, when Todd worked at a jewelry store chain, he was frustrated by the limited and overpriced selection of rings that couldn’t be customized. He saw a better way to do things. Now, as the owner of his own store, Everett Jewelry offers unique, customizable diamond rings—a big change from the usual, cookie-cutter selections at the chain stores.

Our Store Today

At Everett Jewelry, we proudly boast the largest selection of engagement rings, including all the famous brands, offering an unparalleled array of styles for you to freely explore and try on. Our unique approach sets us apart from traditional jewelry stores, as we specialize in creating custom, one-of-a-kind rings that reflect your individual taste and style. Rooted in my early experiences as a young entrepreneur, our business is built on a foundation of exceptional service and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Our mission is to offer not just jewelry, but personalized, unforgettable experiences for every customer, making Everett Jewelry a leader in the world of fine engagement rings.

Our People

Everett Jewelry's employees are what make Everett Jewelry so special and successful. They are among the most accredited professionals in the jewelry industry. Including graduate gemologists, Gemological Institute of America accreditation, as well as American Gem Society accreditation, Everett Jewelry's staff is educated and prepared to handle every jewelry need. Everett Jewelry's employees have the right heart, the right attitude, and a love for what we do. We are proud to have over 500 Google 5-star reviews, showcasing our commitment to excellence. We also stay very involved in the community and participate in a great deal of philanthropy.