Everett Jewelry has permanent bracelets!  Everett Jewelry in Shreveport Bossier City

Permanent Bracelets

Everett Jewelry has the latest jewelry trend! Permanent jewelry which that’s custom fit to your wrist and welded shut so it stays on forever or as long as you want to. They make perfect friendship bracelets, bridesmaids gifts, or mother-daughter bracelets.  Bracelets are 14k gold and so light you’ll barely feel them on your wrist.  

Prices for 14kt gold bracelets start at $180 including soldiering.


How to Get Your Permanent Bracelet

Make an Appointment

Just call Everett Jewelry or click on the Book Appointment link to schedule a time to come in.

Choose Your Chain

Take your pick from our selection of three beautiful 14k gold chains. Want more than one bracelet? Mix and match styles!

Fit and Weld Your Bracelet

During your appointment, we’ll fit your chain on your wrist and weld your permanent bracelet shut. Now you’re linked for life!

Everett Jewelry

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