Nucleus Created Diamonds

In the past, all diamonds came from diamond mines. But we now have the ability to CREATE diamonds. Fantastic diamonds.Introducing the Nucleus Created Diamond, available only at Everett Jewelry!

Identical to Mined Diamonds

The electricity required is UNBELIEVABLE, but our Nucleus Created Diamonds are REAL diamonds, just like ice made in a refrigerator is real ice!  Created diamonds are identical to the finest diamonds mined from a diamond mine; both are simply pure carbon, under extreme heat and pressure- not even a jeweler can tell the difference! 

Get a Bigger Diamond

You just get a BIGGER diamond for your money because the shape of the crystal can be controlled (a more efficient shape means they lose less diamond material when they cut the rough crystal) which yields a bigger diamond!  Diamonds always came from below ground; until a few of them came from above.  Those are the most rare diamonds on Earth.

Come witness the MIRACLE of Chemistry and Electricity:  The Nucleus Created Diamond  Only at Everett Jewelry.


Created diamonds are diamonds that are produced in a laboratory. They are identical to geological (or mined) diamonds and have the exact same physical, optical, and chemical characteristics as geological diamonds.

It is impossible to tell the difference, even by an expert with a microscope. There are only a few very expensive, specialized machines that can detect any possible differences.  As of today, only a few gemological institutes like GIA, HRD, and IGI can detect if a diamond is a created or a geological one

The two most common ways to create gem quality diamonds are:HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) process:  This process imitates the way diamonds are formed in the depths of the earth.  A tiny diamond crystal is put into a chamber with carbon in the form of graphite and a metal catalyst.  Under enormous pressure and very high temperature, the metal catalyst dissolves the graphite and the carbon atoms bond with the tiny diamond seed and grow into a bigger diamond. The tiny diamond seed can be a Created Diamond or a Geological Diamond.CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process:In this process a diamond "seed" in the form of a square is put into a reactor with a combination of gases.  With the help of a microwave gun, the gases are heated until they become plasma (a state where the atoms are separated from one another).  The free carbon atoms are then deposited onto the diamond seed. The diamond seed can come from a Created or a Geological Diamond.

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