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Store Experience

Expect to see the largest selection of beautiful engagement rings in Louisiana.  Expect a shopping experience like no other. Expect to meet experts who can guide you to your perfect ring.  Expect to get a special ring that is made just for you.  Expect a FREE warranty that covers you ring for life.  Expect to get more.  Expect our store to be different, because we do engagement ring differently!

Engagement Rings Done Differently

Here's the problem with buy a ring with most jewelry stores.  First, most store only carry a limited selection of engagement rings and keep them locked behind a glass case.  Making you ask to see and try one on.  Second, they carry inferior, poorly-cut diamonds that do not sparkle and charge way more than they should.  Last, they make you purchase a warranty, because they do not believe their rings will last.  

Engagement Rings Done Differently - Everett Jewelry
Experience a new way of buying an Engagement Ring - Everett Jewelry

A New Experience of Buying

The first thing you're going to notice when you walk into our store is there are thousands of engagement rings in wide open showcases. No stuffy salesperson guarding the cases. You can just reach in and try on as many as you like. You can even take them outside in the sun if you want! Once you find that ring you can't live without, we let you choose your perfect diamond to complete your ring. You ring will be special, because we make it just for you. It's is truly yours!

Find Your Perfect Ring at Everett Jewelry
Find Your Diamond at Everett Jewelry
Enjoy Our Lifetime Warranty at Everett Jewely