How to Propose

How to Propose

Proposals can be a very scary thing to try to plan out; after all, you want it to be perfect! So, here are a few things you may want to know/prepare for before popping the big question!

Ask for Permission
Show your partner and his/her family that you care by asking for a blessing. It shows that you want to include the family in your plans and that you respect them and their wishes, as well.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Have everything planned out from what you are going to wear (to make sure you can comfortably get down on one knee and to make sure the ring will be hidden) to what you are going to say and where.

Always Have A Back-Up
Always think about what to do if something doesn’t go exactly like you planned. Have a Plan B and even C if you need it! But, don’t worry, once she sees the ring, chances are everything else won’t matter too much anyway!

Sharing the News
Think about how you want to share the news with others. Many men these days opt to have a professional photographer or videographer on hand to catch the special moment as it unfolds, but a camera phone works just as well! Also, be sure to wait and talk with your special someone before blasting the news on social media, she may want to tell some people in private first!


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