12 Ring Buying Tips

12 Ring Buying Tips

The ring you give her is a symbol of your enduring love for her. She will wear it all day, every day, for the rest of her life.It is the most important thing you could buy in your lifetime. You don’t want to make any mistakes. You want her ring to be perfect.

Here’s what it’s all about: We have discovered people make critical mistakes when shopping for an engagement ring. Mistakes caused by not insisting on certain things from the jeweler. These mistakes can cause you to buy the wrong ring, the ring that she will not be happy with. So, we have put together a list of things that you should insist on when shopping for an engagement ring.

These are things the mall jewelry store does not want you to know, but you should insist on. Secrets that no amateur ever learns on their own – and the professionals like it that way.And, just like most things that are so simple they get completely overlooked – no one has really understood how these secrets work before. Not the professionals. Not the teachers of the game. Nobody.

Always Insist on the Following 12 Buying Tips:

1.Make sure you always see your diamond loose. A mounted diamond can easily hide clarity flaws, coloration and more. No jeweler would think of buying a diamond without inspecting the loose stone, and you shouldn’t either. When you insist on inspecting the diamond loose, you signal to the jeweler that you know what you’re doing and you’ll get a much better idea of the quality of diamond you are buying.

2.Insist on a free lifetime warranty from the jeweler and walk away from any jeweler who asks you to pay extra for a warranty. You’d be surprised at the number of jewelers that don’t warranty their stones and rings or that will try to charge you extra for a warranty while leaving themselves plenty of loopholes. Missing a 6-month or 1-year inspection is no reason for the jeweler to void your warranty.

3.Find a jeweler with plenty of choices. This is a diamond ring, not a fashion accessory – your wife will be wearing it for a long time to come. Make sure you get one she’ll still love decades from now. If you limit yourself to choosing between only 125 or 175 rings, chances are you’ll end up compromising on the style you really want. And who wants to pay diamond-ring kind of money for a ring they only sort of like?

4.Make sure your ring is made specifically for her. Many stores have rings in their cases for over three years. Thousands of people have tried on her ring before you give it to her. Make sure your ring is as special as she is. Make sure her ring is built for her finger. Let her brag about the story behind her custom ring.

5.Ensure your ring is set with high quality diamonds on the side of the ring. Many national chains skimp on the smaller accent diamonds and the poor quality diamonds they use really detract from the overall beauty and sparkle of their rings.

6.Only buy your diamond from a trained Diamondologist or Gemologist. Make sure your sales person is trained as a specialist in diamonds. The last thing you want is to trust your buying decision to Joe the sales guy who barely knows more about diamonds than you do. That’s kind of like asking for directions from a guy who’s already lost himself. Deal with an expert and you’ll end up much happier with your buying decision.

7.Do NOT buy a diamond without looking at it first. In the age of the internet, a great deal might tempt you into buying a diamond sight unseen, based solely on the specifications and pictures. Don’t do it! No jeweler ever buys a diamond before first seeing it. And everyone within the diamond industry knows that there can often be a lot of leeway in the specifications of even “certified” diamonds. The appraisal of a diamond often depends as much on the appraiser as the diamond. So make sure you get to inspect the loose stone with your own eyes before buying any diamond and make sure you can compare your diamond with others side by side.

8.Demand a 30-day return policy. Diamond appraisal is a bit like surgery: you’ll probably want a second opinion – and you’ll want to run, not walk, away from anyone who doesn’t want you to get that second opinion. A 30-day return policy let’s you take your new diamond to be independently appraised, and to return the ring/stone if it doesn’t measure up to the salesman’s specifications.

9.Make sure your diamond comes with a price guarantee. If you do get that second opinion/appraisal, and your diamond doesn’t appraise for at least the amount you paid for it, you should be able to return it – no questions asked. This kind of price guarantee assures you are getting the best value for your money.

  1. Make sure your jewelry store can customize your ring to your wants, needs, and budget. This one is similar to finding a jeweler with plenty of choices. Oftentimes you’ll find a ring that’s almost perfect except for… this or that characteristic. Maybe you want this ring’s setting and that ring’s band, or this ring’s center stone with that ring’s side diamonds. Whatever it is you want, a good jeweler should be able to make it happen for you, rather than limiting your choices to only what you see in the stock case.
  2. Prefer a family owned jewelry store. A family-owned store has their personal reputation on the line. They can’t give their neighbors a raw deal and escape the consequences. That’s not necessarily the case for a chain jewelry store.
  3. Don’t buy your diamond on price alone. There are a lot of diamond sellers, especially online, that claim low prices on diamonds. Many of these low priced diamonds are priced low because they have cutting or proportion flaws that you cannot see on an online certificate. Make sure you can see your diamond side by side with other diamonds so you can see the real difference with your eyes.

So here’s the deal:Always insist on the 12 diamond engagement buying tips.Don’t let any jeweler tell you that they are not important – because they are


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