Top 5 Things to Know About Created Diamonds

Top 5 Things to Know About Created Diamonds

The first question most people have: “Is it real?” Yes. A lab-created diamond is a real diamond. It has all of the properties and characteristics of a mined diamond; it was just man-made.

These diamond are quickly becoming a go-to for many different reasons, including beauty, durability, cost, and being so eco-friendly.

Everett Jewelry offers some of these amazing diamonds in-store and we want you to know the top 5 things about them.

1) Environmentally Friendly: Roughly 200-250 tons of earth has to be moved to find just 1 carat of a mined diamond. Even though some rules and restrictions are in place on mining, it does still leave a huge environment footprint. The process of creating a lab-grown diamond does not have this impact. The only resource being used is electricity, which can come from renewable sources.

2) More for Your Money: Sometimes the diamond you really want (whether it id the color, clarity, size, or all of the above) does not line up with your budget. This is where a lab-created diamond can come in. With our Pure Grown Diamonds, you save as much as 40% off the same quality mined diamond!

3) But Is It Really Real? There are many misconceptions that lab-grown diamonds are simulants or “not real.” This is far from the truth. Synthetic is usually assumed to mean fake. These diamonds are simply man-made in a controlled environment. The bottom line is the only difference is where it was formed- a lab instead of the ground.
-For peace of mind, our Pure Grown diamonds come with a diamond certificate showing all of the specifications and each one is laser-inscribed with that certificate number.

4) Not All Lab-Created Diamond Are Equal: Just because they are man-made does not mean they are all uniform in color or clarity. Just like a mined diamond, lab-grown diamonds come in a variety of colors and clarities. Some are not even gem quality and are used for industrial purposes instead. We select the best in terms of quality and value. Everett Jewelry specifically looks for diamonds with fire, brilliance, and scintillation that will give you the best for your money.

5) Where Do They Come From? To create a lab-grown diamond, just like in nature, carbon must be present. Basically, a carbon seed is placed in a highly advanced chamber designed to duplicate the earth’s environment. Exposure to extreme heat and pressure replicates the natural processes of diamond formation. The “rough” diamond is then inspected, and if it is of good quality, it is cut, polished, graded, and then selected by us if it meets are specifications.

So, what’s next? Stop by and see our Pure Grown Diamond Collection. After seeing all of your choices side-by-side, you are sure to find the perfect diamond for you!


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